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Crowning Glory

Crowning Glory

Crowning Glory - Everyday Glam For Your Hair

Picture this. You’re getting ready to go out. You bought the perfect dress and the right shoes to go with it, but something feels missing when you put it on. You want a touch of something to look different, but what?

Or picture another scenario when you are super fed up with your wardrobe. You’ve been wearing the same t-shirts and tops to college, and it’s getting boring now. You’d like a quick hack to spruce up a regular outfit, but what?

The good news is that it doesn’t take elevate your look from every day to ‘wow’. All that’s needed are some thoughtful touches of the right accessories. 

We often neglect our heads when we think of accessorising, and that’s a huge fashion faux pas because the smallest of touches can result in an instantly glammed-up look. 


So if you’re wondering what kind of items should be your ‘crowning glory of the day, take your pick from Sohi’s incredible collection of hair accessories for girls and women! We handpicked some of our favourite pieces for your benefit…

For the cold winter days when you’d love to stay snug and comfy in your favourite knits, add this chic woolen headband to your ensemble to glam up the look instantly. Aside from making you look like a million bucks, this soft and warm headband will keep you cosy all day.

Heading to a party? Splash on a little glitter to your carefully done tresses with this knotted hairband in blue, and we guarantee that you will be the show-stopper of the night!

There are days when we want a touch of extra glam. Ditch your regular boring hair clips for this stylish pair - and your routine hairdo will suddenly look fresh and new.

We love beads! Their timeless and elegant appearance makes them a versatile accessory. You’ve worn beads in earring and neck pieces, but have you tried adorning your head with a beaded hairband yet? The result: makeover in an instant.

There are moments in life which require deep work - laser focus with zero distractions. Say you’re at the gym or hard at work and want to keep your hair in control - a snug-fitting hairband is just the thing you need. But it need not be boring. Ditch the same old solid hairbands for this gorgeous multicoloured piece from Sohi.

Scrunchies are something that no women can live without. And yet they are often the most neglected thing about our look. Small touches, like using this pretty beaded scrunchie instead of a regular scrunchie, go a long way in establishing your cred as a fashionista. 

Accessories are a fun way to add colour to your look. This set of vibrant hair clips comes in different colour combinations so you have plenty of choice - wear all 3 to go big on style, or pick 1 or 2 depending on your mood for the day. 

Checks instantly give out vintage vibes that are reminiscent of simpler times and high fashion. This checkered hairband will add oodles of vintage glam to any look, be it a formal look like a crisp linen shirt with cigarette pants or something casual like a solid tee with your favourite rugged jeans.


Hair accessories from Sohi are a great way to add small touches of glamour to create unique and memorable looks. What’s more, they are functional pieces - they keep your hair in place while adding charm to the overall look. What could be better?! So without further ado, stock up on these and many more lovely pieces of hairbands and clips from Sohi to create unforgettable looks every day! 

View the full collection at: https://buysohi.com/collections/hair-accessories


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