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The Coolest Looks For Sizzling Summer Weddings

The Coolest Looks For Sizzling Summer Weddings

Let’s face it, India is primarily a hot country. And this year spring has paved the way for summer rather too quickly. So the days are already scorching in March, and the mercury is only set to rise until we will be finally saved by the monsoon.

But it’s not all bad news. Despite the discomfort of heat, summer brings tons of joy. Think about the long days, the juicy summer fruits (mangoes alone make summer worth the trouble, but we also get watermelons, litchis, peaches…you get the drift), summer vacations (only for students, sadly), summer coolers, the colourful summer wardrobe etc.

But there is one more thing to add to the list - summer weddings! Now, the next sentence can possibly cause a lot of outrage but we will say it anyway - summer weddings beat winter weddings (at least up north). Because, who enjoys shivering through 4 degrees celsius wearing a flimsy saree and a show-piece shawl perched delicately on one arm? Not we.

Just like every season has its different wardrobe, weddings that take place in summer too look and feel different from those in the traditional October to February window.

If you are looking forward to attending a wedding or two in the upcoming summer season, we at Sohi have picked the best summer looks of Bollywood divas to take inspiration from!

The general consensus is that pastel shades, floral designs and light jewellery work best this season. They are soothing for the eyes. Take a cue from Kiara Advani, looking elegant in an off-white sheer saree with light sequin work. She has kept the look simple by restricting her accessories to a pair of chunky and colourful dangling earrings: -

Inspired by this clean and elegant look, we picked out these lovely pearl danglers to complement your summer style -

And if you like a more traditional look, these gold-plated kundan danglers from Sohi are perfect for you: -


Florals and summer are a match made in heaven, and your summer wedding wear will be simply incomplete without a floral outfit. If you’re wondering what to pair with a colourful dress, look no further than Dia Mirza in this delicate pastel lehenga set. She has ensured the look does not get too cluttered by wearing only one statement piece - the gorgeous maroon choker necklace. 

If you’re looking for a sleek and modern choker necklace to go with your floral outfit, we recommend this maroon and silver beauty: -

For a traditional look, you should opt for this gold-plated piece from Sohi: -


Dia really is the queen of sensible and elegant dressing. Here she is seen matching a lovely pastel pink floral outfit with a heavy necklace and matching earrings. This is a bold look in which the lightness and simplicity of the dress is offset by chunky jewellery.

If you’re crushing on this look as much as we did, you’re in luck because Sohi has an unparalleled collection of jewellery sets in vivid colours and stunning designs to go with all kinds of outfits and occasions. 


Check out this regal and timeless green choker necklace with matching stone earrings that is sure to put you in the limelight : -

The great thing about floral or white dresses is that they give you the freedom to play around with the colours of your accessories. If you are in the mood to try something other than the more traditional greens and reds, we highly recommend this turquoise beauty which is truly one-of-its-kind: -

Sonam Kapoor-Ahuja has always made waves for her sense of style ever since her debut, and she continues to be a leading fashionista even though she seems to be staying away from the limelight these days. Here Sonam is seen flaunting a gorgeous look for a summer wedding in a green and pink embellished dress paired with a chunky necklace, earrings and maang-tika.

A maang-tika offers an innovative way to instantly stand out from the crowd, and we at Sohi have picked out the perfect jewellery combo to complete any attire: -

With so many styles and designs to choose from, Sohi takes care of all your festive and wedding needs so you can put your best foot forward every time. So go ahead and indulge yourself with our curated collection of earrings and jewellery sets!

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