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Indian Love Affair with Oxidised Jewellery

Indian Love Affair with Oxidised Jewellery

Celebrating the Indian Love Affair with Oxidised Silver-Plated Jewellery

It starts at a young age, our love affair with pieces of oxidised silver-plated jewellery. From delicate little trinkets to chunky bracelets and oversized earrings, oxidised silver jewellery has been the default accessory for generations of Indian college students. It’s easy to figure out why oxidised silver jewellery is popular - it is affordable, stylish, looks quintessentially Indian because of the intricate designs, but goes wonderfully with western clothes as well as Indian ones.

This love affair that begins in adolescence continues well into subsequent decades. Silver jewellery is associated not just with fiery college students with a curious mind and bold thought. It is also flaunted by confident women at the workplace. Picture your favourite journalist or author, flaunting the finest of handloom sarees or cotton kurtas, complete with a chunky oxidised silver necklace and earrings.

India’s rich heritage of handwoven garments made from sustainable and organic fabrics is acknowledged all over the world. And these gorgeous hand-made clothes in silk, cotton, linen etc are beautifully complemented by oxidised silver jewellery.

What sets oxidised silver apart is that it lacks pretence. It doesn’t scream for your attention with its shine. Rather, it is subdued but intricate, and thus perfect for the workplace. But it is in no way boring. Oxidised silver pieces have so much variety that you can find the right piece for every kind of occasion. 

With this in mind, our team at Sohi picked out some of our favourite pieces of oxidised silver jewellery that will surely make you swoon. Check them out: -


Oxidised silver necklace-and-earrings sets are a must-have if you are an ethnic clothes aficionado. This set comprising a choker necklace with matching earrings, featuring red and green stones and white beads would make an elegant addition to any ethnic outfit.


For those who like to keep their accessories to a minimum, this slim oxidised silver-plated bracelet is the right choice. The classy and fuss-free design goes well with Indian as well as western outfits, and is an excellent choice for the workplace.


This gorgeous pair of earrings featuring a crescent shape is strongly reminiscent of the rising sun with its rays spreading in all directions. It is made for those fiery women who know what they want and are not afraid to express themselves. Be your bold self with these earrings from Sohi.


Chunky silver-plated oxidised jewellery is the staple of every fashionable college student. It is not a passing trend but an evergreen style, almost a rite of passage into other styles of jewellery. If you’re young, carefree and unafraid of being yourself, your jewellery choices should be equally bold and eye-catching, and this chunky bracelet would fit right in.


The circular motif has been around for centuries. Depicting strong natural elements such as the sun and the moon, or man-made ones like the wheels of a chariot, the circular design is bold and always eye-catching. This gorgeous pair of circular silver-plated earrings can elevate a simple kurti or cotton saree look by many notches.


India’s rich history spans many different eras, each with its own art, culture and traditions. This floral piece is reminiscent of the medieval age. Feel like a Mughal princess while flaunting this regal pair.


The nose-ring is a quintessentially Indian ornament, loved by women of all age groups and ethnicities. This exquisite nose-ring in silver and blue is an ode to our deep roots and the rich Indian culture. 


The Indian design aesthetic is truly unbeatable. This unique pair of silver-plated earrings in a rectangular shape is a class apart from all the other earrings out there, and wearing it will truly make you feel like royalty.


Some occasions simply need us to go all-out on our accessories game. If you are in the mood to dress up in style, pick this all-encompassing traditional jewellery set featuring an elegant necklace, crescent earrings, a delicate bracelet, a nose-ring, a regal ring and a pair of lovely floral toe-rings. Pair it with a silk or cotton handloom saree.

Sohi brings to you a wide selection of oxidised silver-plated jewellery pieces in varying styles and patterns at unbelievable prices. So order all your favourite pieces without hesitation!

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