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Color Splash With These Stone-Studded Sohi's

Color Splash With These Stone-Studded Sohi's

Add A Splash Of Colour With These Stone-Studded Pieces from Sohi

India is renowned for being colourful in every aspect - from our clothes to our food to festivals, we love to add a splash of colour wherever possible. India is also the land of majestic kingdoms and awe-inspiring architecture. Take a tour of any of our old palaces and forts to experience the splendour and glory of our rich history. But what comes to mind when you think of colours and royalty? Jewels of course! 

Precious stones come in a myriad of hues, each one as astonishingly pretty as the next. Long favoured by the kings and queens of bygone eras, they are still very much in vogue. 

Coloured stones look great on stud earrings, dainty pendants and rings. They are the epitome of timeless elegance and add a touch of royalty to any look. And the best part: they are popular not just in India but all over the world. Western aesthetics generally favours smaller jewellery pieces with a touch of colour in it. 

Colours like green (emerald), blue (sapphire, topaz and turquoise), red (ruby, garnet) and purple (amethyst) are truly evergreen and are suitable for most occasions.

But of course, there are some limiting factors. The first one is the cost. Precious and semi-precious stones, as their name suggests, tend to be expensive. Secondly, many Indians accord astrological significance to gemstones - experts are consulted to find out which stones are suited and which are potentially harmful. And of course gemstones are also tied to one’s date of birth.

So, all in all, having an exquisite collection of coloured stone jewellery remains a distant dream for most.

But that is where Sohi comes in! We love colour as much as any other Indian, and providing refined but affordable jewellery for every occasion is basically our motto. With our eye-popping range of gorgeous jewellery in artificial stones, you can finally build an envy-inducing collection of jewellery to go with every dress and occasion.

Have a look at some of our favourite coloured pieces for inspiration:

This delicate silver-plated pair of floral earrings in green stone can elevate any outfit. Pair it with a salwar-kameez or kurti with jeans, and watch as heads turn wherever you go! 

Sapphire blue reminds us of English royalty, this being the preferred stone of Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge (remember her engagement ring?) and also a world-renowned fashionista. The fashion and jewellery choices of the Duchess are eagerly observed and mimicked by fans all over the world, and with this pair of dangler earrings in deep, royal blue, you too will feel like nothing less than a princess! Best to keep this one for dinner dates and parties, or pair it with a lovely saree or gown for a wedding.

The shades of turquoise and silver make a classic combination which looks elegant but also not overly formal. You can wear this stunning pair of danglers on a regular day of work or classes and easily stand out amongst the crowd for your sophisticated choice, and it will go equally well at parties where you need to wear just one statement piece with a chiffon saree or dress, ideally in blush pink, ivory or white! 

These square-cut studs in golden and green are glamourous, classy and exquisite, but small enough in size to not look over-the-top. Studs go extremely well with western dresses and the classic shirt with trousers power-dressing look. This pair is for the boss ladies who like to slay at work with their talent and confidence, but who also believe in putting their best foot forward when it comes to their fashion choices.

These drop-shaped earrings in orange stone are a must-have for this season. The unique shade is unlike anything else you’d have seen, and this gorgeous piece would go beautifully with ethnic attires. Best suited for daily use, pair these with jeans, kurtis and juttis to uplift an everyday look into that of quiet dignity and elegance. 

All colours are beautiful but you were to really push us hard, we’ll say nothing beats the grace and exuberance of the colour purple. This silver-plated set of earrings, pendant and ring featuring purple stones set in our favourite floral shape will add an understated elegance to your attire. Pair it with cotton or silk sarees for an evening soiree and you’ll be the cynosure of all eyes.

Coloured stones look great by themselves but can be even better when paired with other colours. This dazzling pair of stud earrings has stones in shades of light green and pink in a traditional shape and style, best suited for special occasions. While the design leans towards traditional, the colours are more universal and quite contemporary, so this pair will look gorgeous with both sarees and formal western dresses.

Pendants are dainty little things that add glamour and colour to our everyday attires. Red is the colour of love and passion but also the colour of choice for bold and secure women who are not afraid to stand out. So whether you’re feeling romantic or just need a confidence booster at work, pick up this lovely red heart-shaped pendant to complete your look and feel like royalty!

Dazzle everyone around you with this bold and colourful bracelet that brings together stones in hues of purple, pink, green and deep red. This multicoloured bracelet can be paired with most outfits, whether Indian or western, and any colour because of its myriad hues and the basic golden base. So at your next brunch date with friends, elevate your look instantly with this glittering multicoloured bracelet from Sohi.

Looking elegant doesn’t have to cost a bomb, thanks to Sohi. So pick up your favourite pieces in all the gorgeous colours right now! 

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