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Tryst With Royalty

Tryst With Royalty

Tryst With Royalty - Best of AD Jewellery Sets

If there’s one thing that never fails to make us feel like royalty, it is diamonds. These white stones have always been the preferred choice of the high and mighty - from royal princesses and queens to the biggest celebrities across the world. They represent our highest desires. 

But real diamonds may not fit into everyone’s budget. The next best alternative is American Diamonds. These lab-produced stones have all the qualities of real diamonds at a fraction of the price. Their clarity and colour sometimes surpass even real diamonds. This is the reason behind the wild popularity of AD jewellery.

AD jewellery sets can be combined with other artificial stones to create downright stunning pieces which rival their more expensive counterparts. The best thing about going for artificial stone jewellery is that you don’t have to spend your life’s savings on one jewellery set - if you choose AD jewellery, you can easily buy numerous sets in different styles and colours, and feel like royalty every time you dress up!

We have picked out some of our favourite AD jewellery pieces to elevate the grandeur of your look at your next big event. Check them out…

1. This gold-plated jewellery set is adorned with large, light-pink stones mixed with tiny American Diamonds to give you a necklace and earrings that look straight out of a fairytale. This chunky set is bold yet feminine because of its delicate colours and floral design. It is unapologetically beautiful and eye-catchy and simply one-of-its-kind.

2. Royal alert! This stunning silver-plated set features elegant deep-blue stones paired with American Diamonds in a leaf shape. This set immediately makes us think of the Duchess of Cambridge who is often seen sporting sapphire and diamonds. This classic set has an unforgettable design which is sure to attract envy and praise in large amounts.

3. Some days call for pulling out all the pomp and splendour that you can gather. For such evenings, go with this imperial AD jewellery set with green stones which are reminiscent of real emeralds and diamonds. Dripping with elegance, this stunner of a set is sure to make heads turn wherever you go.  

4. This splendid set of necklace and earrings is what you get when you infuse a touch of modernity with everlasting grace. The grey, white and golden stones come together with dainty American Diamonds to create a breathtaking piece of jewellery that is modern and fearless. This set will go equally well with both ethnic and western attires.

5. If you’re in the mood for some evergreen, old-school charm then you cannot go wrong with this charming and delicate silver-plated AD jewellery set. It has large red stones cut in a rectangular shape for an unparalleled elegance. It has a neat and refined look and is perfect for big-ticket events where you would want to put your absolute best foot forward.

6.When you want to sparkle and shine and stand out from the crowd, go for this dazzling gold-plated AD jewellery set which combines white and green stones in a captivating design which looks modern, sleek and extremely stylish. 

7. For a traditional touch that harks back to an age of refinement and luxury, pick this magnificent silver-plated AD jewellery set with red stones. This set is opulent without ever being ostentatious, and it will add a generous dose of charisma and class to any outfit. 

8. If you want to stay away from coloured stones and have a monotone look, this enchanting silver-plated stone-studded set is the right pick for you. The flowers-and-leaves motifs lend it a feminine and timeless look, and it will go beautifully with western as well as Indian ethnic attires. 

9. Emeralds and diamonds are a match made in heaven, and this striking gold-plated jewellery set combines the rich hue of emerald green with the brilliant whiteness of American Diamonds wonderfully. The modern design comes together with a timeless colour combination for a spectacular result.

10. We are big on natural motifs, and for good reason. This fetching gold-plated jewellery set is an ode to natural elements such as wildflowers and leaves, and it’s a style that is simply timeless. Wearing this will surely make you feel like a Greek or Roman princess from a bygone era. 

With so many stunning designs to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one, right? But happily, Sohi brings high-quality jewellery with brilliant designs at affordable prices so that our customers don’t have to restrict themselves. So go all out and pamper yourself without feeling guilty! 

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