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Sohi’s Temple Jewelry Collection

Sohi’s Temple Jewelry Collection

Celebrate India’s Rich Heritage with Sohi’s Temple Jewelry Collection

That India is rich in cultural heritage is a well-known fact. Moving from North to South or East to West, we come across an unbelievable variety of cultures, languages, dress styles, and cuisines. Just like everything else, the jewelry styles too differ a little from place to place. Of course, all Indians are united by their love for gold, but jewelry designs and preferences can differ significantly. 

Temple jewelry is arguably the crowning jewel of India’s rich heritage. It is believed that temple jewelry was first created during the great Chola dynasty of South India, which was one of the longest-ruling dynasties in the world. Temple jewelry, as the name suggests, was used to decorate the idols in temples down south. Just like the temple architecture of South India is a marvel - rich, intricate, and simply spectacular - so is the temple jewelry that was created to celebrate this unique style.

Temple jewelry involves elaborate designs which are intricately handcrafted to resemble the carvings on temple walls. The base metal is gold, and it is often adorned with precious stones to make it dazzle even more. The motifs of temple jewelry are Gods and Goddesses, and elements of nature such as flowers, leaves, and birds. 

Temple jewelry is a timeless treasure that is evocative of India’s glorious past and traditions, along with the immense skill of Indian craftsmen. Because of this unmatched legacy, temple jewelry has withstood the test of time and is still a very popular choice of jewelry, especially for brides. No longer restricted to the south, this style is gaining popularity in all parts of the country.

That said, real temple jewelry may not be affordable for everyone. Temple jewelry is traditionally made from gold and stands out because of its large and chunky size. So, real gold temple jewelry can get very expensive.

But that doesn’t mean that the budget-conscious should be devoid of the joys of owning gorgeous traditional jewelry! Sohi brings to you its collection of gold-plated temple jewels which is inspired by the vivid designs of South Indian temple jewelry and is infused with a touch of modernity to offer you gorgeous designs for every occasion and budget.

Have a look at some of our delightful bestsellers…




This gold-plated jewelry set features a necklace and matching earrings. Its intricate design has a floral motif along with red stones for a classic royal look. 




Inspired by South India’s rich culture, this jewelry set showcases the different elements of nature - flowers and leaves - perfectly crafted together with red and green stones for a timelessly elegant look.




If you wish to experiment with the choker style, try this gorgeously intricate meenakari jewelry set from Sohi which blends the complex design of temple jewelry with a contemporary look. 




Go all-out traditional with this gold-plated jewelry set that has a long and chunky necklace with matching round earrings. The pendant and earrings are in a semi-circular shape which represents the sun and moon. Flowers, leaves, and red and green stones complete the heritage look of this set.




Meenakari jewelry is another classic style that has remained a part of the Indian design tradition through the ages. This beautiful gold-plated meenakari set has a fine and intricate design that is simply unparalleled. 




Continuing with meenakari, this stunning gold-plated set has a long necklace featuring red and green stones, and the super-fine handcrafted look typical of traditional temple jewelry. The earrings are smaller and have red stones with a floral motif. 




Adding some glamour and modernity to the classic style is this gold-plated jewelry set which has a choker necklace, bracelet, earrings, and a ring. Featuring traditional leaf motifs all over, the studded white stones give it a very contemporary and modern look to give you the best of the old and the new blended into one set. 


So what are you waiting for? Celebrate India’s rich cultural heritage by adding some gorgeous pieces of temple jewelry from Sohi to your collection today!

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