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Add Sparkle To Your Look

Add Sparkle To Your Look

Add Sparkle To Your Look With These AD Jewellery Pieces From Sohi

All that glitters is not gold, but that doesn’t make it any less desirable. AD - or American Diamond - jewellery is a favourite of fashionistas all over the world because of its superior sparkle that perfectly mimics actual diamonds. 

First, let’s learn a little about American Diamonds. Contrary to their popular name, American Diamonds are neither American nor real diamonds. AD is a lab-created stone and its other name is Cubic Zirconia. It was created to mimic the look and feel of real diamonds, which are natural, rare and quite expensive. 

American Diamond or Cubic Zirconia looks brilliant and sparkly, much like the real thing. But there are faint differences that only experts can tell. A diamond is the hardest substance on earth, so it almost never gets scratched. AD on the other hand is more susceptible to scratches. AD actually beats real diamonds when it comes to colour and clarity because diamonds come in different levels of purity whereas AD is always strikingly flawless and colourless. 

Besides the great looks, AD jewellery makes sense because it is far cheaper than actual diamonds. And because it is so affordable, it’s possible to stock up on several pieces of AD jewellery in different designs, and to keep changing one’s jewellery to keep up with the trends. 

Although it;s associated with fast fashion, AD jewellery is nevertheless extremely durable and long-lasting. So the pieces you buy today will look new and shiny for many, many years, almost like real precious stones. 

With so many advantages to owning AD jewellery, we decided to pick out our favourite AD jewellery pieces from Sohi. scroll through and tell us which ones are your favourite!


Sohi. scroll through and tell us which ones are your favourite!





Get ready to turn heads at your next big party with this stunning contemporary-design AD jewellery set comprising a stylish necklace and matching drop earrings. 





If you like to add sparkle and shine to your daily life then this beautiful AD-studded ring is a great pick for you. Trendy yet durable, it will withstand the wear and tear of daily usage while retaining its eternal glow. 





Channel your inner diva with this brilliant and chunky AD jewellery set that is fit for royalty. This stunning piece is bold and modern but also has a timeless vibe. The white stones and silver plated look means it can go with any outfit.





Feel like a queen with these gorgeous AD and green stone-studded drop earrings from Sohi. If you're in the mood to dress up without going overboard, then a pair of dressy earrings is all you need to stand out in style and this gorgeous green number is the perfect pick for that.





A maang tikka is a lovely accessory and a very essential part of the Indian bride look. But you can spruce up a traditional style and infuse it with modernity by choosing this silver-plated AD-studded maang tikka for Sohi that is super glamorous. Don’t forget to add it to your look at the next big wedding or Diwali party.





Some occasions call for dressing in our absolute best and this extravagant gold-plated AD jewellery set is just perfect for such moments. High on glitter and glam, this one is for the bold and fearless ladies who love to be different. 





This lovely, delicate maang tikka combines AD with pink stones to give a gorgeous feminine vibe. Wear this at a day function to look like a million bucks.  





This beautiful silver-plated AD-studded jewellery set features a classic and minimalist design that will look great with just about any outfit. It’s understated elegance makes it a timeless pick. 





We’ve got something for your wrist too. This AD bracelet in a rose gold hue is great to wear to work every day, or for a memorable outing with friends, and will elevate any simple look with its brilliant dazzle.  





Sometimes we love a little colour, and coloured stones are the best accessory one can sport. This classic gold-plated jewellery set has white and blue AD stones which give it a majestic and evergreen look. Compliments from every corner are guaranteed.


With so many choices, it’s hard to pick just one or two favourites, right? Luckily Sohi brings to you delightful jewellery at unbelievable prices so you don’t have to choose and can just pick them all. So don’t wait and grab all your favourite pieces before they are gone!

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